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Do I need a permit to repair my roof in Florida? Not usually.

Updated: Jun 9

We get calls all the time for roof repairs. These calls range from a few missing shingles to an entire valley leaking! To be the best roofing companion Brevard County, we have to perform quality roof repairs using high-quality roofing materials. In the previous blog about roof tar, ,I mention we don't slap tar on everything and charge you $500 and never come back. Our repairs are guaranteed for one year and are usually prolong a customer needing a new roof for a few years. So, the question is if the roof repair needs a permit after your free roof inspection?

The image depicts a section of a flat roof covered with a modified bitumen membrane. The surface of the roof is smooth and black in color, with small stones embedded in the material. At the edges of the roof, there is a vertical wall, and a strip of metal flashing is visible where the roof and wall meet. The flashing is installed in a way that allows it to cover the joint between the roof and wall, preventing water from penetrating into the building. The modified bitumen membrane and the flashing provide an effective barrier against water infiltration, ensuring that the building remains dry and protected from the elements.
Modified Bitumen roof with sidewall

In Florida, whether or not a roof repair needs a permit depends on the extent of the repair work being done. Minor repairs that don't affect the structural integrity of the building usually don't require a permit. Examples of minor repairs include replacing a few shingles, fixing a leak in a small area of the roof, or repairing a damaged fascia board.

However, major roof repairs or replacements that involve significant alterations or additions to the existing roof structure will typically require a permit. Examples of major repairs include replacing more than 25% of the existing roof, structural changes to the roof, or adding a new layer of roofing material over the existing one. It is very difficult to "repair" a flat roof, usually the entire flat roof and the tie into the main roof needs to be completely replaced.

The purpose of permits is to ensure that the work being done on a property is safe, meets building code requirements, and is inspected by a qualified inspector. Permits help to protect homeowners from substandard work and ensure that their investment is protected. Additionally, permits may be required by homeowners insurance companies as a condition for coverage. The insurance company may even require photos of the repair and an itemized receipt from the roofing company performing the work.

It is important to note that permit requirements can vary by state and even by local municipality, so it is always best to check with your local building department to determine if a permit is required for the work you plan to do on your roof. Heart Roofing LLC follows Florida Building Codes. Those codes can be found at:

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