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Proudly Serving Brevard County, Indian River County and St. Lucie County

Residential & Commercial Roofing Company

  • Heart Roofing LLC believes you deserve only the best when it comes to your home and its roof. That's why our team always provides superior craftsmanship, using only top-quality materials for optimal protection on every job site!     

  • We take great pride in providing lasting solutions through high quality service that lasts a long time - no matter what kind of material you choose from menu above you can rest assured that we install only the highest quality materials for optimal protection and longevity.

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Images showcasing the roofing installation process from start to finish. The images feature a team of professionals measuring, cutting, and installing shingles or other roofing materials. Some images show the installation of a new roof, while others depict the repair or replacement of an existing roof. The images highlight the attention to detail and precision required for a quality roofing installation, with a focus on safety and quality workmanship.

Perfect Installs

Let us walk you through the best options to fit your needs.

Image of various roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, clay tiles, and slate tiles. The image showcases the variety of colors, textures, and patterns available for different types of roofing materials. Each material is labeled, making it easy to identify and compare options. The image provides a clear view of the quality of the materials, helping customers make informed decisions when selecting roofing products.

Reliable Upgrades

Book a free consultation to discuss our six different types of roofing composition.

Image of a contractor conducting roofing maintenance. The contractor is shown on a rooftop, cleaning gutters and inspecting the shingles. The image depicts the necessary steps to ensure proper maintenance of a roof, which includes cleaning debris, checking for leaks, and repairing any damaged areas. The image emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance to extend the life of the roof and prevent costly repairs.

Upkeep & Repair

Ignoring problems for too long can cause headaches and cost much more.


Heart Roofing is the best roofing company in Brevard County.
We have the reviews to prove it.  

Contact Heart Roofing LLC today for all your home's roofing needs! We are a reputable company with years of experience and expertise. You can trust us to take care not just about the quality but also safety when it comes time for installation on any type or size structure.

Image of a roofing crew at work. The crew consists of several workers wearing safety gear and harnesses while working on a steep roof. Some workers are measuring and cutting materials while others are installing them. The image shows the teamwork and coordination required to safely and efficiently install or repair a roof. The workers appear focused and professional, highlighting the quality of workmanship.

Upon calling us, our skilled contractors will arrive at your home, assess the scope of the work, and walk you through the entire repair or replacement process.

We will inspect the project several times to ensure that the results meet your needs and surpass your expectations. We strive for minimal disruptions to your comfort while ensuring complete satisfaction — not just with our results but with our entire process — from start to finish.

Call Brevard County's most trusted reroof and roof repair contractors that won Best of Home Advisor 2021:   

4150 Dow Rd 

Suite #103 

Melbourne, Florida


Office: 321-499-3012

Christian, Production Manager: 321-223-6O26 and Thomas, Sales Manager: 321-339-6479

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