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Can I Fix My Roof Leak With Tar? Not very well!

Updated: Jun 9

Roofing tar, also known as roof cement or mastic, is a common material used for roofing applications. While it is often thought of as a means of preventing water intrusion, its primary purpose is actually to provide wind protection. Wind can be a significant force on a roof, particularly during storms or hurricanes. When wind blows over a roof, it can create areas of low pressure that can lift or tear off shingles or other roofing materials.

Most professional roofing contractors trust and rely on the name brand roofing tar name, KARNAK. This is the brand we use at Heart Roofing LLC. However, we do not use it to "fix" leaks. We perform high quality roof repairs that come with a warranty.

Roofing tar is used to seal and bond these materials to the roof deck, providing additional protection against wind damage. While roofing tar can help to prevent some water intrusion, it is not typically used as the primary means of waterproofing a roof. This is because tar is not as effective as other materials, such as rubber or silicone, at creating a watertight seal. Additionally, tar can become brittle over time, which can lead to cracking and further water intrusion. Below is a video our co-owner and sales manager, Thomas, took of a 2 year old roof. The customer had leaks every where and this was how it was "fixed".

Instead, roofing tar is used in conjunction with other materials, such as shingles, underlayment, and flashing, to create a comprehensive roofing system that provides both wind protection and waterproofing. By sealing and bonding these materials to the roof deck, roofing tar helps to prevent damage and leaks caused by high winds, while other materials provide the necessary waterproofing.

In conclusion, while roofing tar can be useful in preventing water intrusion, its primary purpose is to provide wind protection. When used in conjunction with other materials, it can help to create a durable and reliable roofing system that can withstand the elements and protect the interior of a building.

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