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Flat/ low slope Roofs- including coatings

Flat roof coating 

Sometimes a flat roof or low slope roof doesn't need to be completely replaced. A professional-grade polyurethane coating can rejuvenate the surface fast!  


Flat roofs that are walkable

If your flat roof can be walked on, we can apply either modified bitumen or one-ply vinyl. 


Exterior makeovers add beauty and value

We are happy to work with other contractors to make your home renovation a breeze. We can flash into a wall before the new siding or stucco is applied. 


Does your flat roof need a slight pitch? 

The state of Florida requires at least 0.25 pitch on all flat roofs now to pass inspection. We are the experts in applying ISO boards to bring your roof up to code.  


Low slope roofs are common in Florida

Florida roofs can be a very low pitch to not catch hurricane winds. If the whole roof is a low slope we can help with that too. Remember the roof needs a 2/12 pitch for shingles and a 1/12 pitch for metal to be up to code and pass inspection. 


Another beautiful roof coating beachside

Better safe than sorry! Another walkable flat roof that needed a coating rejuvenation. Call for a free estimate today! 

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