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Where Should I Start Renovating My House? The Roof Please!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Congratulations! So you have decided to put your nerves and money on the line and do a whole house renovation or do your first flip! This is not an easy task and should be taken very seriously. Since 99% of us are on budget and not doing a Vanilla Ice flip, let's minimize mistakes and possibly paying for tasks twice. This is a general plan to follow:

Write down what you want to do... make a plan!

Think about all of the things that you need to do before starting work on a property. You’ll never know if there is something else you should be doing, so it's best just take precautions and plan ahead!

When you start a big project like this, it is crucial that there be a plan in place to ensure everything doesn’t get forgotten. You don't want any mistakes or lack of preparation time since planning permission may take months before being granted and if not then just put off until later when its easier!

Structural issues need to be addressed first- but don't paint!

If there are any cracks on the outside of your home that extend deeper than ¼”, have a structural engineer evaluate them. If they find more than just cosmetic issues at this stage in their examination process then patching should be done as soon possible so you can avoid further problems down road!

When you're ready to start your project, don't forget about the safety of yourself and others. It is imperative that all potential hazards within a structure be identified before work begins on remedying these issues - both inside (structural)or outside(slope). Nobody wants an injury because they were unaware there was something wrong with our home!

Make sure the property is watertight! This includes the roof (use Heart Roofing LLC wink, wink) and windows.

The roof is a crucial part of the building process, but it’s also one that can be overlooked. Leaks in your home's structure will sooner or later cause more harm than good so make sure to check for any cracks before doing anything else!If the roof is a mess plan for addition woodwork costs. Below is an actual picture of a roof we recently tore open.

To keep your house safe and secure, you should check for broken tiles or issues with the roof before anything else. If there are any windows that don't work properly then get them fixed so people can’t break into it easier! Boarding up just one window is enough since this will deter potential intruders but make sure all of yours close safely at night too-especially if they're missing chunks like in my case (I had an unfortunate accident).

Strip it all down to the bones!

Stripping down to a bare shell has the advantages of revealing any hidden issues like humid or rotted joists. This also lets you work from an empty canvas so other jobs, such as updating your electrics and installing central heating become simpler after this process is complete!

Be prepared for the worst... rat nests and/or rotted studs.

Now is the time to rearrange... if you want to

The best time to make changes is right now! You can add or remove walls without worrying about breaking anything, and if you take out a wall then just make sure that any structural engineer would advise against it. The next step in this process involves plumbing work so be prepared for those projects when they come up, especially if you plan on moving plumbing for a bathroom or kitchen.

Update any electric, gas, and/or plumbing to code

The electric, gas, and/or plumbing work are just as important to get right when renovating a building. You want everything functioning smoothly so that you can enjoy your new space without any bumps in the road!

Time for the walls and ceilings to go up... progress is exciting!

Once you've made sure that all of the electrical and plumbing work is completed, it's time for walls or ceilings re-plastering or tape and texture. This will allow them to be decorated with your favorite decorations! Wait on the baseboards until the floors are installed but go ahead and paint that color you mulled over for a couple months.

Who's ready for flooring?

Like most items that are coming into the house I am sure these floors were a big decision too. Now is the safe time to install the floors. This house is really coming together. It's exciting to see progress. Make sure to find a floor installer that will do an over the top great job. Same for the drywall installer too. There are things to save money on and things to not. Roof, walls, and floors are not the ones to get stingy one.

Finishing touches inside... time to redecorate

It’s time to get down and dirty with your finishing touches! First, take care of all those pesky bathrooms. They seem like they require the most work- so you won't want any newly painted walls for this space anyway... Next up? Kitchens are always good (and appetizing) place start because there's nothing worse than painting over beautiful cabinets or countertops in an already renovated area - just my opinion ;) Bring in the fixtures, appliances, cabinets and counters.

Final touches outside

Now is the time to paint the outside of the house. Get the gutters after painting the fascia will save you a lot of heartache and money. Next, do any fencing work or replacement and concrete work. Concrete work can include pavers. Don't forget a cool new mailbox as the cherry on top.

Your dream is a reality. Enjoy your accomplishment!


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