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When Should I Pay a Roofing Contractor? It Depends

Updated: May 14

I think the answer for most questions is, "it depends". Let me share how monies are exchanged at Heart Roofing LLC here in beautiful Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie Counties.

So, you have hired a professional local roofing contractor (hopefully named Heart Roofing LLC wink, wink). They have given you an estimate of your home’s roof replacement and/or repair. However, now you are wondering when and how do I pay? Should you pay them now? Or should you wait until the roof is finished? Here are a few factors that will help you understand the payment process for a professional business transaction.

99.9% of the time a 50% deposit is required. Remember Florida is different than up North, materials and employee wages are much more here. You'll be very disappointed if you are comparing a roof purchase in Pennsylvania to a Florida roof purchase. We (Heart Roofing LLC) collect the deposit after the roofing materials are delivered and we start the project. Some roofing companies take the deposit at the signing of the contract (lessen the chance of you canceling if you've already paid 50%- sales tactics 101). Other companies like, Lowes or Home Depot, require full payment up front. I always find it interesting that when Lowes or Home Depot asks for full payment up front no one bats an eye but a reputable local roofer asks for a deposit and people lose their mind. You may opt for cash, check, credit card (3% service fee applies), and/or financing. If you plan on financing, that needs to be established at the signing of the contract because financing is based off of your credit rating or the equity in your home.

After the deposit is collected, we start the roofing process. Although Florida requires several inspections, we can usually make it through the entire process is about a week. You probably just said that and thought "A WEEK!" Yup, let me give you a little timeline to clarify.

Monday: start tearing off roof. We may have to have a sheathing inspection depending on the jurisdiction. A licensed inspector for the county or city comes out to sign off that the sheathing (or decking) is nailed off to the current code. This is not in every jurisdiction nor does it apply to a metal over shingle installation. We are drying in the roof sections as they are torn off for your homes safety.

Tuesday: now we wait for the inspector to come back out for a dry-in inspection. The inspector is making sure the new drip edge is installed correctly, there is roof tar in the proper locations, and the dry in material is secured properly to the roof. In this time, the roofing crew has gone to another roof to tear it off. Roofers like to work! We cannot wait for inspectors to do inspections because they are on their own schedule and a specific inspection time is not given.

Wednesday: we can start installing the new roof! Yeah! Your shingles, metal, cap sheet, or tile starts going on. Depending on the size of the roof, it could take 1 to 2 days. Rush jobs aren't good and good jobs aren't rushed.

Thursday: Final inspection if the roof is completed. For the sake of argument, we'll say the roof is completed. The dumpster is removed and the grounds are cleaned up. Any left over roofing materials are picked up. We are more than happy to leave behind a bundle or two of shingles just in case you are in need of a repair down the road.

Friday: may be needed if it's a large roof, if the inspections were slow, and/or weather! Ugh! Weather will slow us down big time. We are more concerned with water penetrating your roof and causing massive damage inside than completing the job fast. We don't play the game of "beat the storm". Nobody wins that game. That's why we say about a week.

For any Florida Building Code questions please reference the public website:

Ok, that's great... now when do I pay the final payment? In our contract it states, "upon substantial completion of the roof". What does that mean? That means when the last nail goes into the roof and we are done the final payment is due. You're probably wondering why that is? Because inspections can be held up or we have possibly offered a wind mitigation report with your new roof. Payment is not dependent upon those factors. A passed inspection does not guarantee a quality roof, it just means that building codes have been meet. Also the wind mitigation report does not ensure a quality roof. It is for potential home owners insurance discounts.

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have about the what, where, when, and how to pay for a roofing project. If you are interested in exploring finance options, our sales manager Thomas Kight, is more than happy to help you with that. 321-339-6479 is his cell phone number. Or if its after hours, please call our office at 321-499-3012. Our website is always on at


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