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Hey Siri, "who is the best roofing contractor in Brevard County?"

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Siri would have a very hard task because every roofing company would say, "ME!!!" and without a doubt Heart Roofing LLC would say, "US!!!" too.

Every website that you visit for a roofing company says Google keywords like, "Top-rated", "Best", or "Award-winning". We could say these adjectives about ourselves until we are blue in the face so let's take the advice of Forbes magazine. Forbes published a nice and short article about choosing the right roofing company for your budget and you.

According to the article they have suggested several criteria for a good roofing company:

  1. Experienced: What year do you consider a roofer experienced? Heart Roofing LLC started up at the beginning of 2020. We had the ball in motion already and bam! Global pandemic. We persevered and weathered the Covid-19 storm and made it! Christian, our production manager, has been roofing since 2015 for a high-volume company. His experience is 7 years now. That is impressive! Thomas and I have been roofing since 2017.

  2. Licensed in your area: I hold the Florida roofing contractor's license for our company and that two part exam was hard! It is a humbling experience to test at the same time as an "experienced" roofer and he didn't pass but I did. We happen to be in line together to check-in at PearsonVue testing center and he explained that he had been roofing for 15 years and didn't understand why he had to take this test. We started at the same time and finished at the same time. At the check-out you are handed your pass or fail test results. He was vocally upset he failed that Business and Finance part of the roofing contractors license and I passed!!! I studied hard and I felt very accomplished after receiving that passing score. Boss lady! CCC#1332540

  3. Insured: We are absolutely insured. I will tell you that it ain't cheap either. Insurance is required by the state of Florida to have an active license. The way around that is by using subcontractors. Using subcontractors has a bad wrap but it's not as terrible as what other roofing companies say. Subcontractors have a license and have their own insurance. Every general contractor uses subcontractors for their projects. So why is it ok for a general contractor but not a roofer? Ironically, after defending subcontractors, we do not use subcontractors. Wait, what? Why not Meredith? We have an amazing team that works under our license and insurance. They do not want to be subcontractors and we don't want them to be subcontractors. If anything happens to your property or them, it's all covered under our insurance policy. Peace of mind for everyone involved.

  4. Bonded: I don't really know why they involved bonded. Residential roofing companies don't bond roofing projects. The value of the project is just not high enough to warrant a bond. Now notice I said "residential" not "commercial". Some commercial projects can be 1 million dollars, then yes those projects get bonded. If you need a 1 million dollar roof please call Heart Roofing LLC at 321-499-3012! Ha!

  5. Willing to provide references: Yes! We have over a 100 reviews combined now. You can visit our testimonials page at We also get wonderful text messages from our customers like this:

6. Willing to write an estimate: Oh Lord don't get me started on storm chasers (out of town roofing companies that blow into town with the storm). They will knock on your door and offer a "free" inspection. Then, claim they can get you a "free" new roof! Just sign over your insurance benefits and they'll do the rest! Where is the estimate though? You have no idea what materials they put on your roof and you have no idea how much the insurance paid the roofing company to do it. You would probably be sick to find out the difference between a cash roof and an insurance roof. We will save that discussion for another day. The point is... get an estimate. We provide estimates on all our jobs with the details of work that will be included. PS- if it's not on the contact... it's not getting done. For a free written estimate you can visit our website or call us directly at 321-499-3012.

Next Forbes goes into questions to ask and they are great questions!

  • What types of roofing do you install?

  • Do you work with homeowner’s insurance to file claims?

  • Do you have a current license to do this work in my area?

  • What types of insurance do you have, and what is the coverage?

  • Can you give me two or three references to check?

  • Do you offer a free on-site inspection?

  • Do you take photos during the inspection and after completing the project?

  • Will you give me a written estimate after the inspection?

  • Do you do roofing repairs? How much do they cost?

  • Is your work covered by manufacturer warranty?

  • How do you keep projects on schedule? What’s your inclement weather policy?

  • Do you remove or dispose of old roofing materials? Is there a disposal charge? Do you recycle old materials?

  • When and how do you bill or invoice? Do you accept credit cards? Do you offer financing?

If you have any more questions please contact us anytime! 321-499-3012


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