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Should you get the roof inspected before buying a house? Yep.

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There's a lot to take in when you buy a house, but understanding the roof is an important part of ownership. What do I need? How many years are left on this roof? Will I be able to get insurance with an old roof? How can my new house be more energy efficient or provide me with better insulation than what was there before... It sounds daunting doesn't it?! But don’t worry! We're here for all those questions and will guide every step along this journey so that everything runs smoothly from start-to-finish.

I wrote a previous blog title, "Hey Siri, who is the best roofer in Brevard County?" Which details what you should look for in a quality roofer that fits your needs and budget. This is also going to be a list intended to help with the home buying process and how the roof can either make or break your deal. We offer roof inspections for home sales or home purchases. Call our office at 321-499-3012 to find out pricing and available time slots.

When you buy a house, it’s important to have an inspection before lending money. The mortgage company will check out the home and make sure there are no problems with water erosion or other issues that could lead into collapse of your new place of residence! But what about roofs? You should never skip this critical step in order to not risk having trouble later on down the road - trust me; I know from experience how frustrating these types emergencies can be (especially since they're typically freak accidents). Crying home owners while our team is trying to tarp their roof in a torrential downfall. The roof absolutely protects everything inside your home like photos, art work, and furniture.

Image emphasizing the financial impact of roofing leaks, highlighting how they can lead to costly damages such as water intrusion, structural deterioration, and mold growth, underscoring the importance of prompt detection and repair to prevent further expenses.
Leaks can be costly

There are some signs that you can see for yourself inside the house or inside the attic space:

  • Water damage — dark spots or circles

  • Mold

  • Sagging ceiling/decking in attic

  • Light coming in through attic rafters

  • Obstructions in roof ventilation

Here are some signs that you can see from the ground looking up at the roof:

  • Bent or missing gutters

  • Damaged eaves and soffits

  • Shingles that are loose and flapping, missing, curled, or cracked

  • Sagging roofline

  • Algae (the black stains on the roof, yes... it's algae)

  • Exposed wood

When you tour a home its very easy to just look at the curb appeal and the inside. Walk around and look up! Looking up can save you a failed inspection and/or give you negotiating power.

When you know the condition of your roof when selling, it will be easier for negotiations. When you know the condition of the roof when buying, it will be easier for negotiations. If an inspector says that there are several years left on its life span then sellers may discount their prices by a certain percentage because they're aware how much trouble this might cause if repairs aren't made soon enough or at all! This real estate market is rough! We need all the help we can get!

Image showcasing the seamless real estate transaction process facilitated by a thorough quality inspection, underscoring how a comprehensive inspection can instill confidence in buyers and sellers, leading to smoother transactions and successful property transfers.
Real estate transactions made easy

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or just want an inspection, Heart Roofing LLC inspectors are thorough and accurate. They take the time needed for each situation so that their customers can avoid costly repairs down-the road without having any idea what they might be getting themselves into before hand. We know how important this decision is; let us help make sure your roof will hold up well under pressure with one of our certified inspections.

Please call us with any questions or the schedule an inspection today 321-499-3012

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