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Why is my roof turning black? Algae or moss...yuck!

Updated: 5 days ago

The growth of algae on your roof can result in a number different consequences, including an increase to energy costs. If you have a highly reflective roofing surface that helps reflect the sun’s heat back into our atmosphere it could be damaged by these green, black, or blue deposits causing less efficiency when the sun is really beating down!

Moss may be the worst thing that could happen to your roof. It seems harmless and more of an eyesore than anything but that's not true. To give you an idea; moss will grow up into all sorts of places – including between tiles on roofs which causes them lift or curl over time until there are too many leaks! And this doesn't just affect shingles either: Moss can damage any kind of roofing material or surface.

It's very easy to protect your roof from algae or other plant growth on the roof.

  1. Remove debris- Removing debris from your roof and gutters is one of the best ways to prevent moss, algae & other plants from growing on them. Debris such as leaves or twigs can trap water against a home's exterior which creates perfect conditions for plant life- especially when these items are left behind in rainstorms! By taking care not only with what you put onto our roofs but also how we clean them after storms have passed through - keeping channels clear so excess moisture doesn’t pool around sides--you will be helping keep bugs at bay too.

  2. Tree your trees- Trimming your trees will help you avoid the risk of moss and algae growth. Overhanging branches can trap moisture, which is perfect for these plants to thrive in! With more light hitting our roofs we're less likely have issues with them creating an environment that's too wet or dry - just right amounts every time.

  3. Get your roof professionally cleaned- Why risk your home against leaks and other damage when professional roofer cleaners can get the job done safely? The right professionals will know how to clean every inch of your roof in an effective manner so you don't have any worries about water or chemicals damaging your roof. Let's not DIY this project.

  4. Copper infused roofing materials- Copper-Infused Asphalt Shingles - If your shingles are damaged, consider a different type of replacement. Copper infused asphalt prevents algae and moss from growing on them to keep the integrity in place for years with proper care and maintenance. Some companies use zinc along side copper so you can be sure that these growths won't take over despite what Mother Nature throws at your roof.

The growth of moss and algae on your roof can cause more than just an unsightly visual appeal. These two types grow in different ways, but both pose risks to the integrity of residential roofs over time- so it's important to learn how they differ from one another. If you're struggling with either type of plant growth and don't know if it can be a simple cleaning project or if it needs to be a roof replacement, then call your local and friendly roofers at Heart Roofing! We provide honest information and free estimates for the roofing services you may need. Call 321-499-3012 today to speak with our co-owner and sales manager, Thomas Kight.


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