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Are Metal Roofs in Florida Worth It? I Think So!

Updated: Jun 9

Metal roofs are growing in popularity due to their numerous associated benefits. The metal roofing industry has rapidly increased in popularity over the past decade and continues to grow with each passing year! One major bonus of using this type? It's fire resistant, which means you won't have any worries should your house burn down that the roof will help accelerate the fire!

Shingle and metal roofs have a fire safety rating that can help reduce the risk of fire damage. Shingle roofs are often rated as Class A, B, or C, with Class A being the most fire-resistant, while metal roofs are typically rated as Class A. The fire safety rating of a roof is determined by its ability to resist flames and prevent the spread of fire, which can be influenced by factors such as the type of materials used and the design of the roof. By choosing a roof with a high fire safety rating, homeowners can help protect their property and reduce the risk of damage in the event of a fire.
Shingle and metal roofs have a fire safety rating that can help save your home.

  • Metal roofs are fire resistant

With metal roofs, you can rest easy knowing that they are fireproof. Usually made of zinc or copper for protection against lightning strikes and wildfires alike; these surfaces will not ignite and spread the flames further as other types may do- so even if there was something on top your house caught flame! More information about metal roofs and fire ratings is available at:

  • Metal lasts longer than shingle

Metal roofs offer a durable and long-lasting option for your home. They also come at an affordable price when compared to other materials, which makes them one of the best options available! Metal is perfect because it can resist water damage better than most others; this means you won't have as many problems with leaks or cracking due poor weather conditions like Florida's extreme heat and torrential downfalls. With such few drawbacks compared to all that's included - not just cost but color matching issues too--it might seem silly how much attention people pay towards what type roof they put on their house these days...

  • Higher wind ratings

Metal roofs are perfect for Florida because they can withstand hurricane-force winds. That means that your house will stay intact even after the storm has passed, unlike any other type of roof material!

  • Less out-of-pocket expenses over time

Investment in a metal roof is an investment that will last you throughout your entire life. They are more affordable than shingle roofs, and they don't require any work on behalf of the homeowner every decade or so to replace them with new ones!

  • Increases home value

Homebuyers know a good deal when they see one, and metal roofs are perfect because of all the benefits. Potential homeowners will think your house is worth more with this gorgeous accessory on top! Decra Metal Roofing does a wonderful job of explaining why metal roofs increase your home value at:

  • More energy-efficient

We all know that air conditioning costs money, but did you also realize how important it is to have an AC in this hot Florida year? If not for yourself then think about what would happen to your family members who live with too much heat. Asphalt shingles absorb sunlight and can cause heating inside of homes or buildings- especially ones made up mostly by rubber tiles for roofing materials! A metal roof’s energy efficiency comes from two factors: its reflectivity (reflecting light) and its emissivity (how quickly it releases the heat that does transfer to it). I covered this in a previous blog:

If you are interested in getting a new metal roof estimate or have more questions please contact us at +1-321-499-3012. We are happy to help you make the right decision that fits your roofing needs and budget.


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