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Roof Repairs- small jobs welcome  

Integrated flat roof in a shingle roof 

Previously completely shingled and leaking like a shive. We corrected the problem and no more leaks. Shingles cannot go on a pitch less than 2/12. 


Tile repair with new mortar 

Flat roof replaced and the tile had to be removed for a proper transition. Proper repairs include partial removal of the pitched roof. 


Peak and skylight repair

Need a facelift to get you to a reroof? We can help. Small projects are welcome. This repair will buy a few years until the homeowner is ready for a full roof replacement. Have you ever seen a triangle skylight? 


Rotted eave replacement 

If your gutters are not cleaned regularly, backed up water will rot the eaves of the roof. We only do quality repairs. 


Professional woodwork 

We remove all rotted wood when performing roof repairs or replacements. Precise cuts make the difference. 


Leaking gooseneck repaired

A virtually new roof with a leaking gooseneck that was installed incorrectly. We don't try to sell you a whole new roof, we fix the problem and save you money. 

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