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Should you chose solar ventilation or passive ventilation?

Updated: Mar 1

Proper attic ventilation is required by Florida Building Code. If your home does not have an attic then ventilation is not required. For those of you with an attic, even if it wasn't building code, I can't imagine not wanting it. In my previous blog post:

I touched on the fact that most mobile homes don't have attic spaces and that metal roofs can help improve efficiency and lower electric costs.

If you do have an attic, you have several options for ventilation now. The classic ridge vent that has been improved with a lower profile plus it's wider to increase air flow. The ridge vent is prone to leaking during heavy wind driven rain. That wonderful sideways rain (sarcasm) that occurs with tropical storms or hurricanes. The old metal ridge vents were so slim that water would enter easily and mimic a roof leak. Good thing is usually it was only because of the wind driven rain, the bad thing is it's going to happen every time we have a named storm. We use the Lo- Omniroll and install the shingle on top to match your roof. We offer free estimates to replace your old metal ridge vent at 321-499-3012.

There is the option of electric ventilation. Electric vents are a nice option but there needs to be an electric source to plug into. The website provides valuable information on why attic ventilation is so important, especially in the state of Florida.

At Heart Roofing, we really like the solar ventilation option. The solar vent runs during sunlight hours when the Florida sun is really heating up the attic. The point of ventilating the attic is make it easier for the air conditioner to cool your house. If the A/C is not competing with a really hot attic, it runs more efficiently and less often. We prefer the Attic Breeze solar fan (or vent). They have wonderful hurricane ratings and are made in the USA. The square footage of your attic determines how many fans you need, usually one is good enough to have on an average home. You can actually over ventilate the attic and that's not a good thing. We can provide a free estimate on adding a solar vent to your existing roof or we can incorporate solar ventilation into the estimate for a new roof. It is not recommended to have a ridge vent and a solar (or electric) vent. We get into a vortex issue and no ventilation is provided. The specifications are listed on the website:

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss upgrading your current attic ventilation system, please contact us at 321-499-3012 or

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