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Metal Roofs

GrandRib 3 in Galvalume- solar ventilation

Sidewalls can be tricky and prone to leak. Proper flashing techniques are what prevent leaks. 


GrandRib 3 in Galvalume- solar ventilation. 2 flat roof transitions. 

Transitions from pitched roof to flat roof can cause leaks or problematic areas. We ensure a water-tight seal between the two roofs. 


5v Crimp galvalume repair of eave and cupola

Storm damaged eaves and cupola replaced. The difficulty of the cupola scared other roofers.. not us! 


White aluminum standing seam- ridge ventilation 

Live close to the beach? Aluminum is effective at preventing corrosion of metal. 


GrandRib 3 in Penny Copper- solar ventilation 

The show stopper! Our favorite color to install. When the sun hits penny copper... it really shines! 


GrandRib 3 galvalume- ridge ventilation

Straight lines are important to the aesthetics of the roof. Nailing off in a straight line is more pleasing to the eye and makes the roof stronger. 

  • Our preference for American-made metal is the exposed fastener Grandrib 3 from Fabral.

  • If you like hidden fastener more, we install those panels proudly as well.


  • Grandrib 3 is the “benchmark of the industry” and can be used for walls and roofs. This unique and versatile panel is available in a variety of popular colors. The panels have clean traditional lines and are manufactured from the best structural steel available.


• Minimum pitch recommended 2½:12 • 36" coverage with ¾" rib height

• UL 790 Class A Fire Resistance Rating

• UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact Resistance

• UL 580 Class 90 Uplift Test Rating

• High performance Enduracote paint system features an Energy Star® approved standard color offering, 10 layers

• Custom cut to lengths up to 40'

• Anti-siphon sidelap design

• Excellent wind uplift and snow load ratings


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